Alumni work on Emmy-award-winning St. Louis Blues videos
Alumni work on Emmy-award-winning St. Louis Blues videos
Friday, October 19, 2018
Luke Arens and Peter Jodlowski, Class of 2008 - Arens and Jodlowski worked on a video for the St. Louis Blues that earned an Emmy Award at the Mid-America Chapter Regional Emmy Awards. The video "Blues Go Marching In" won an Emmy for Program Promo in Sports.

Arens is a Nashville-based producer, songwriter, mixer, re-mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist who produces content for the St. Louis Blues during the regular season and playoffs and works with numerous nationally known recording artists and popular TV shows. For the Emmy-winning video, he produced the music for an updated version of "When the Blues Go Marching In" in a "more cinematic and energetic way," he said. "I wrote, played, recorded and mixed all of the music (other than singing the vocals) for this video. The vocalists cover a wide range of people that make up the fabric of the St. Louis community."

Jodlowski was a full-time editor for the St. Louis Blues as part of their in-house production team, Blue Note Productions, when he worked on the video. He worked for the Blues for three seasons beginning in 2014 before taking a role as video editor at JMills Entertainment, a motion picture studio and film agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On a side note, 2014 alumnus Austin Ratanasitee also works for the Blues and is a member of the Blue Note Productions team, but did not work on these projects.

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