Pattonville graduate performs for middle school students

Back in 2012, when Pattonville High School graduate Sarah Hasekamp was in seventh grade at Holman Middle School, Dr. Julia Gaines (then professor of percussion and now director of the School of Music at the University of Missouri) presented to her band class. On Nov. 21, the 2018 Pattonville graduate served as the presenter to the middle school musicians.

“Dr. Gaines was my percussion professor when I was at Mizzou,” band teacher Adam Hall said. “Sarah was a student in that class, and today, she is in the front of the group performing and talking about her professional music life.”

District technology specialist Scott Wagner was able to find a photo of Hasekamp from that day.

“I remember that presentation, and I couldn’t believe he pulled that picture out,” Hasekamp said. “It’s crazy how full circle it is.” 

Hasekamp graduated with a music education degree from Murray State University and is currently pursuing a masters in percussion performance at Mizzou. 

She performed solo on the snare drum and marimba, played a marimba/vibraphone duet with Hall, and demonstrated an instrument from Zimbabwe called the mbira.  

“I was that person in their seats and now to be on the other side of it, it's just the cool part of music and teaching,” she said. “My teachers have always been an inspiration to me and I hope to be that for someone else.”

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