Students, staff recognized at the April 11 board meeting

Each month during the school year, the Pattonville Board of Education honors students, staff and volunteers who have gained recognition outside of the district or who’ve made a special contribution to Pattonville. Learn more about students and staff who were recognized in April.

Willow Brook Elementary School

Student Community Art exhibition

Students from Willow Brook Elementary School were selected to have their artwork showcased in the Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum at the Botanical Gardens in an exhibition titled Urban Garden Dreams: Student Community Art. Their art will be on display from until March 31, 2024.

Students whose artwork was selected for display are as follows: first grader Declan McCue for his seasonal artwork using Sharpie, watercolor and tempera; third grader Henry Kelly for her planet garden made with Sharpie; fourth graders Kylie Cash for her Sharpie and colored pencil art, Lailah Poole for her oil pastel and watercolor piece, Caroline Rowe for her book garden art made of Sharpie, chalk pastels and colored pencils and Josselin Vasquez Alvarado for art featuring ink, tempera, oil pastels and crayons; fourth graders Isabella Guo, Allison Nichols and Jacobi West for their collaborative work creating silhouettes using Sharpie, oil pastels and markers; and fifth graders Elfego Chaves Santos, Adam Massay and Wyatt Moore for their collaborative work with Legos to create a 3D design. The students are taught by art teacher Dawn Lynn.

Willow Brook students whose art was selected for display at the Botanical Gardens include, from left, front row, Declan McCue, Lailah Poole and Josselin Vasquez Alvarado, middle row, teacher Dawn Lynn, Jacobi West, Kylie Cash and Allison Nichols and, back row, Wyatt Moore, Elfego Chaves Santos and Adam Massay.

Beginning teacher award

Willow Brook second grade teacher Michelle Haupt received an Outstanding Beginning Teacher award from the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (MACTE). Every other year, each Missouri educator preparation program can nominate up to two outstanding beginning teachers from all of their recent graduates. Haupt was selected as a recipient for the 2023 award from Webster University.

Pattonville High School

Wild Ones Publication

Senior Ryan Cutrell was recently featured in the Spring 2023 edition of Wild Ones Journal. Wild Ones is a national nonprofit consisting of members who teach about the benefits of growing native plants and work to grow and restore natural landscapes. The article describes Cutrell’s involvement as a member of the Wild Ones St. Louis Chapter and the variety of volunteer service he has completed on environmental projects.

Aspirations in Computing Award

Each year, the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) recognizes students and educators for their accomplishments and goals in computing and technology through the Aspirations in Computing Award. Two students from Pattonville were selected as recipients and were recognized at the awards ceremony on April 30. They are junior Allyson Maue, who received the Rising Star award for starting out in the pursuit and study of computing, and senior Jayne Herter, who received the honorable mention award for demonstrating interest and aptitude for computing.

Annual High School Art Exhibit

Three students were selected to have their artwork displayed in the annual High School Art Exhibit at Florissant Valley Community College. The exhibit took place from Jan. 23 to Feb. 16. Junior Lorelai Ruzzo, a student in Drawing 2, received honorable mention for a mixed media drawing. Other students who had artwork selected were: AP Art senior Anthony Cruz for a mixed media painting and Ceramics 2 freshman Gisel Estrada Lopez. These students were taught by ceramics teacher Scott Fader and AP art and drawing teacher Beth Kathriner.

Lorelai Ruzzo, above, had artwork displayed in the annual High School Art Exhibit at Florissant Valley Community College.

 Young Artists’ Showcase

Four students had their artwork selected to the Young Artists’ Showcase at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. Their artwork was on display between Feb. 24 to March 25. Senior Jayne Herter had a ceramic art piece selected for display. AP Art students junior Macy Bunton for a digital drawing and senior Sarah Nelson for a drawing piece. Junior Riley Nesheim had a painting selected. These students were taught by ceramics teacher Scott Fader, AP Art teacher Beth Kathriner and Painting 1 teacher Laura Thomson.

Macy Bunton, above, had artwork displayed in the annual Young Artists' Showcase at the St. Louis Artists' Guild.

Foundry Art Centre Exhibit

Seven students had their artwork selected for display at the Foundry Art Centre’s High School Student Exhibition. The exhibit ran from March 3 to April 22. The following students had their work selected for the exhibition. Senior Dinara Aladinova was named an honorable mention for her drawing. Other students who had drawings selected for the exhibit are sophomores Zoe Johnmeyer and Tracy Pham and junior Lizzy Zacheis.Freshman Mackenzie Newell had a drawing from her 2D Design class selected. AP Art seniors Cordy Matulewic and Tara Wang had paintings selected. These students are taught by 2D Design teacher Danielle Adams and AP Art and Drawing 2 teacher Beth Kathriner.

Dinara Aladinova, left, and Tara Wang had art selected for the Foundry Art Centre’s High School Student Exhibition.

STEM Student Forum

The annual World Wide Technology STEM Student Forum took place on March 4, where students from 21 local high schools presented projects based on this year’s theme, Make a New World Happen, focusing on how schools could use education and technology to create a more sustainable future. A team from the high school designed and built a machine called ReFilament that melts plastic water bottles to repurpose into 3D filament that can be used in 3D printers. Their project received fourth place and a $1,500 prize at the event. Members of the team were Justin Alvey, Nolan Ballard, Jack Caesar, Sai Dorasani, Alfred Jenkins, Morgan Johnson, Fred Kadima, Pamela Mensah, Shaurya Pandey, and Faisal Yousif. The students were sponsored by math teacher Stephanie Carson.

Participants in the World Wide Technology STEM Student Forum include, from left, front row Sai Dorasani, teacher Stephanie Carson and Shaurya Pandey and, back row, Alfred Jenkins, Jack Caesar and Justin Alvey.

Swimming and diving honors

The girls swimming and diving team competed at the state championships and placed 22nd overall with 21 points. Freshman Jenna Ridings placed sixth in the championship final of the 100 yard butterfly race and 10th in the consolidation finals of the 200 yard freestyle where she broke her own school record time. Sophomore Emma Eiswirth placed 16th in the consolation final of the 100 yard breaststroke after breaking her own school record in the preliminary round. She also holds the school record for 200 individual medley and 100 breaststroke. The 200 yard medley relay team placed 17th in the preliminary round and broke a 41-year school record. Members of that relay team included juniors Christina Bae and Tehya Cox-Potter, Eiswirth and Ridings. The 200 freestyle relay team placed 27th at state and included Bae, Cox-Potter, Eiswirth, and Ridings. The 400 yard freestyle relay team that finished 27th included team members juniors Bae and Cox-Potter, junior Emma Whitley and senior Madison Leckrone. Freshman Mackenzie Newell was an alternate for relays at state. In diving, sophomore Aiva Barry was a district qualifier. The swim and dive team was coached by Anna Braswell with assistance from Ashley Haar and Madeline Marren.

Members of the swimming and diving team that participated at state are, from left, front row Emma Eiswirth, Jenna Ridings and Tehya Cox Potter and, back row, Madison Leckrone, Emma Whitley, Aiva Barry and Christina Bae.

Girls wrestling honors

The girls wrestling team was named conference champions. Students named all conference first team were senior Jasmine Gordon and sophomores Makayla Gordon, Jordan Hale and Kalie Vogel. Students named all conference second team are seniors Allison Basta and Jasmine Harris. Freshman Aleeya Thompson received the all conference sportsmanship award. The girls wrestling team is coached by Paige Mueller and Danelle Emerick.

Members of the championship girls wrestling team include, from left, front row Aleeya Thompson and Jasmine Gordon and, back row, Kalie Vogel, Allison Basta and Makayla Gordon.

Boys wrestling honors

The boys wrestling team placed second in conference with a 17 to 1 record. Senior DaVeon Washington was named all-conference wrestler of the year and district champion. Wrestlers named all-conference second team were juniors Stephon Brown, Mehki Brown and Paulie Palermo and senior Robert Walker. Senior Angelo Broadnax received the sportsmanship award. The boys wrestling team is coached by Brent Mueller with the assistance of Jake Kim and John Michael Brown.

Members of the boys wrestling team include, from left, Robert Walker, DaVeon Washington and  Angelo Broadnax.

Boys basketball honors

Members of the boys basketball team earned individual honors this season. Senior Tory Allen was named all conference second team. Junior Al-Amin Anderson-El was named an all conference honorable mention. Senior Jayden Essex received the all conference sportsmanship award.The boys basketball team is coached by Kelly Thames with the assistance of Kent Booth, Antonio Bryant, Travis Harris and Caleb Stroop.

Girls basketball honors

Members of the girls basketball team earned individual honors this season. Senior Jasmine Gray was named all-district first team, all-conference first team and all-conference player of the year. She was also named to the St. Louis American Girls Fab Five-All Star Basketball second team. Additionally, junior Zoe Newland was named all-conference first team. Players that were named all-conference second team are sophomores Brooke Boyce, Hannah Fenton and Kennedy Horton. The girls basketball team is coached by Don Boyce with the assistance of Jon Bush, Lisa Foust and Cory Lewis.

Drill team honors

The Pattonville High School varsity drill team competed at the National Dance Association (NDA) National Championships in Orlando, Florida and placed third in the small varsity hip hop division and placed 16th in the small varsity pom division. Team members were Nicole Cobbs, Kaycee Carman, Kaylee Cofer, Elijah Davis, Reilly Edmonds, Hannah Fisbeck, Skyler McCaa, Zaria Purvey and Sabrina Vargas. The varsity drill team is coached by Parkwood Elementary School teacher Lindsey Schaefer with the assistance of Willow Brook Elementary School teacher Anise Glenn.




Teacher of the Year honorees, nominees

The following educators were named the Teacher of the Year for their school:

  • Sharon Wood from early childhood,
  • Jessica Esquivel from Bridgeway,
  • Brittany Garcia from Drummond,
  • Abigail Beckermann from Parkwood,
  • Joseph Rehagen from Rose Acres,
  • Jennifer Rogers from Willow Brook,
  • Emily Cook from Remington,
  • Matthew Parker from Holman,
  • Wendy Mathis from Heights and
  • Danelle Emerick from the high school

Holly Kopp, a second grade teacher at Willow Brook Elementary School, was named the district’s certified staff Rookie of the Year.

Also nominated for Teacher of the Year were:

From early childhood: Shannnon Fleming, Jennifer Scarff, Dyana Schneider, Jennifer Sidy, Pamela Stubblefield and Janna Zaitz;

From Bridgeway Elementary School: Mollie Ahlers, Amanda Brodbeck, Andrea Daud, Dan Derby, James Gleason, Keri Gleason, Stacey Hill, Stacey Maidlow, Natasha Malone, Nancy Stevens-Martin and Kimberly Walsh;

From Drummond Elementary School: Bonnie Beer, Christine Behlmann, Courtney Cady, Josie Cammarata, Windy Cushman, Sierra Dertinger, Erika Dietrich, Nicole Dye, Carolyn Elliott, Emerson Fladda, Alexis Hasty, Catherine Hicks, Kevin Hughes, Jacob Johnson, Brenda Kelch, Morgan Kiffmeyer, Tanner Lynn, Shelley McManus, Megan Neff, Helen Niklawski, Ryan Parker, Kori Phillips, Amy Powell, Kellie Randazzo, Ginger Roberts, Carla Robertson, Chelsea Rodebaugh, Samantha Shyken, Mary Sosman, Amanda Starwalt, Christina Sutter, Carley Tankersley, Jessica Thompson, Michelle Thrower, Kristen Webber, Lindsay Williams and Laura Witte;

From Parkwood Elementary School: Sarah Adams, Amanda Castile, Kelley Chestnut, Catherine Eaton, Brittany Flachs, Jennifer Gross, Jaimyn Hacker, Nicole Hagedorn, Mallory Hamilton, Kathryn Hernandez, Christina Livingston, Janel MacLean, Audrey Masek, Sarah Mather, Kristen McGreer, Jacqlynn Nardelli-Sanchez, Michelle Petke, Julie Restoff, Kassie Rushing, Lindsey Schaefer, Kyle Schaper, Catherine Selleck, Edmund Stoltz, Jennifer Ulmer, Heather Wilkerson, Kendra Worsham, Regina Wright and Melissa Yount-Ott;

From Rose Acres Elementary School: Grace Burgos, Maritza Caldera, Sarah Carter, Amy Christensen, Amy Fitch, Amy Frost, Teresa Gunter, Carrie Heine, Nicole Hubbard, Kirstie Hummert, Jamie Hundley, Rhondalyn Logan, Nicole Mikel, Jamie Sievers, Mary Spitzmiller, Lisa Stahlhut, Katelyn Thompson and Michelle Wagner;

From Willow Brook Elementary School: Katharine Ackman, Morgan Barnett, Jamie Bronder, Melissa Capstick, Jamie Cargal, Christopher Cheatham, Kimberly Dickinson, Ashley Downs, Margaret Fairless, Brandy Fowler, Kristen Gartland, Mary Goding, Holly Kopp, Alexis Lashley, Heather McCord, Christy Newsham, Penney Smith, Samantha Stuppy, Billy Thompson and Joanna Todd;

From Remington Traditional School: Demi Avery, Isabelle Garcia-Blackwell, Alisebeth Hilker, Christine Hillier, Danica Johnson, Lisa Kraemer, Alyssa Lipson, Michael McKeon, Kelley Mueller, Lauren Niewald, Karrie Peters, Andrew Smith and Priscilla Thomas;

From Holman Middle School: Alexander Amo, Daniel Cline, Brooke Cooper, Trina Cornell, Alicia Dietz, Emily Difani, Christina Elkins, Melissa Evans, Kristen Hagemeier, David Kim, David Knapp, Katharine Lambdin, Matthew Loyet, Jennifer Meyer, Sarah Moran, Alisa Neal, Kristian Nelson, Kelly Paluczak, Tyler Potts, Montie Richter, Jasmine Sewel, Ryan Shea, Edward Stevens, Jonathan Striebel, Mandi Strobbe, Denise Thomas, Kwame Toure and Steven White;

From Pattonville Heights Middle School: Jill Antrobus, Claudia Benbow, Jennifer Benoist, Danielle Beyer, Chelsea Bowles, Wendy Brown, Michael Burgio, Timothy Drew, Carlye Feeney, Teresa Godina, Natalie Graneto, Samantha Greaney, Laura Hartsock, Mark Houston, Scott Hutson, Eric Johnson, Tara Jones, Christian Metheney, Amy Meyers, Marian Mitchell, Liz Pace, Allison Quist, Jennifer Robin, Jordan Sammelmann, Adam Seibert, Sarah Slane, Elizabeth Stockmann, Kelly Strobel, Madison Thorpe, Stephanie Walton, Katelyn Weber, Melissa Wetzel, Michael Winship and Kalesia Yates;

From Pattonville High School: Gregory Adam, Madison Avery, Lauren Church, Rebecca Clubb, Lori Cole, Gabriel Faron, Miranda Gossett, Valerie Green, Kyle Hall, Margaret Hall, Stephanie Heyman, Sarah Holtmeyer-Hollstrom, Melynda Lamb, Rob Lamb, Allison McNamara, Paige Mueller, Tracie Olson, Carolyn Overton, Lisa Pirrung, Paul Rueschoff, MaryClare Stoker, Antoinette Ulses, Andy Wall and Jessica Wynn.

Shown include staff members nominated for Teacher Staff of the Year.

Support Staff of the Year honorees, nominees

The following staff members were named the Support Staff Employee of the Year for their building:

  • Jennifer McDowell from early childhood,
  • Renee Davenport from Bridgeway,
  • Stephanie Kellner from Drummond,
  • Jarrett Harrison from Parkwood,
  • Vickie Moore from Rose Acres,
  • Christina Finazzo-Purl from Willow Brook,
  • Malissa Fedrick from Remington,
  • Caroline Burgess from Holman,
  • Mallorey Burns from Heights,
  • Debra Dold from the high school and
  • Emily Groneck from printing representing the district services group.

Stepany Dominguez, the nurse at Pattonville Early Childhood Center, was named the Support Staff Rookie of the Year.

Also nominated for Support Staff of the Year were:

From the Early Childhood Center: Erica Abowitz, Lula Abreha, Tishia Cronk, Bill Dinsmore, Michelle Doering, Elonda Greer, Jennifer Hopkins, Stephanie Hughes, Sanbria Hulsey, Cheryl Norfolk, Kristin Simpson, Stephanie Sliefert, Jennifer Treat, Sandra Wacker and Kathy Webber;

From Bridgeway Elementary School: Josie Chapman, Anaisabel Garofalo and Andrew Mahtani;

From Drummond Elementary School: Livviya Boyle, Jody Brent, Harry Cima, Tracy Cook, Catina Gaddy, Andrea Hermann, Kevin Kouty, Morgan Mansur, Carole Marsden, Jennifer Reidelberger, Beverly Stewart-Anderson and Michael Williams;

From Parkwood Elementary School: Angela Barringhaus, Edward Finnegan, Veeda Holmes, Jennifer Kaufman, Colleen Kean, Sandra McIntyre, Nancy Steinmeyer, Jessica Sumner and Shani Thompson;

From Rose Acres Elementary School: Bob Heitert, Rommel McDonald, Amy Reese and Rungsee Suvansri;

From Willow Brook Elementary School: Barbara Boddy, Peggy Cole, Jennifer Haub, Erin Jepsen, Brenda Labbe, Casey Mitchell, Lashonda Saunders and Larrine Word;

From Remington Traditional School: Tameka Blanton, Kimberly Hoskins, Florida Jenkins, Lindsay Keleher and Abby Reckamp;

From Holman Middle School: Bertha Doyle-Sneed, Shannon Hill and Tracy Kuehn;

From Pattonville Heights Middle School: Steven Aversa, Ryan Jones, Brittany Schnake, Randy Thurman and Meagan Woodruff;

From Pattonville High School: Victoria Asher, Tomi Benney, Gregory Brooks, Mike Cobb-Schultz, Tamika Duncan, David Duncan, Roderica Dunn, James Frerker, Jeff Garmon, Tanya Hadley, Estella Hunter, Kenneth Lerdahl, Brandon Lynn, Raqcquel Manuel, Jackie Perales, Yolanda Pickett, William Roach, Maria Saunders and Reem Tahsin;

From the district services group: Justin Bartlett, Megan Borgna, Ameerah Collins, Brian Heyman, Emily Groneck, Ingrid Daggs, Victor Graffigna, Stan Greer and Lisa Kinealy.


Shown include staff members nominated for Support Staff of the Year.