Students, staff recognized at the June 13 board meeting

Each month during the school year, the Pattonville Board of Education honors students, staff and volunteers who have gained recognition outside of the district or who’ve made a special contribution to Pattonville. Learn more about students and staff who were recognized in June.

Parkwood Elementary School

Greater St. Louis Science Fair

Earning a blue ribbon at the St. Louis Science Fair were Helen Besserman and Lucy Johnson. Students who earned a red ribbon were kindergartner Hannah Newton, second graders Madeline Cremer, Josephine Howard, Alesha Kureshi, Apollo Littlejohn and Ezra Shanks and fourth grader Catherine Howard. These students were sponsored by first grade teacher Tiffany Laughlin and fifth grade teacher Regina Wright.

Parkwood students who earned honors at the St. Louis Science Fair include, from left, front row, Lucy Johnson, Apollo Littlejohn and Hannah Newton and, back row, Josephine Howard, Helen Besserman, Catherine Howard and Ezra Shanks.

Art of Healing Wall

Students were selected to have their artwork hung on the Art of Healing Wall exhibit space at SSM Health DePaul Hospital from February to May this year. Since 2012, DePaul has worked with Pattonville art teachers to select, exhibit and honor student artwork. Artwork from different Pattonville schools is featured on the Art of Healing wall on a rotating basis. Students whose art was on display were: Dayana Al Amri, Cheyenne Archie, Kayley Austin, Easton Beck, Kensley Bowden, Raeghen Brown, Avery Cantrell, Kason Ciaravino, Addison Claspill, Malia Collins, Micah Collins, Malakai Collins, Kiley Craig, Hope Cunningham, Quinn Dannegger, Lainey Early, Dani Eisen, Aubrey Fuchs, Carleigh Gales, Ava Gumble, Ava Hall, Dylan Howard, Bayan Jaber, Zander Jackson, Abrish Kainat, Orlaith Keane, Princess Leahman, Kiersten Lohagen, Amelia MacLean, Elise Merrick, Skylar Mitchell, Amani Moore, Ava Payne, Ethan Payne, Paulette Perez Sanchez, MacKenzie Pickett, Rachel Pierce, Noah Ruffin, Zayn Saleh, Mason Salvato, Nori Stewart, Luke Stranghoener, Wyatt Stranghoener, Owen Strauser, Zoe Valladares-Esquivel, Ava West, Emilia Wood and Aiden Young. These students were taught by art teachers Janel MacLean and Michelle Petke.

Parkwood students who had art featured at DePaul include, from left, front row, Emilia Wood, Ava West, Micah Collins, Kiersten Lohagen, Ava Hall and Ava Gumble; second row, Dayana Al Amri, Addison Claspill, Aubrey Fuchs, Abrish Kainat, Lainey Early and Raeghen Brown; and, back row, Kayley Austin and Mackenzie Pickett.


Rose Acres Elementary School

Greater St. Louis Science Fair

At the St. Louis Science Fair, earning a blue ribbon were Tarren Neels, Liam Wilson, who also earned the American Statistical Association Award, and Raelyn Wilson, who also earned the MOST 529 Award. The following students from PEGS earned ribbons: Pearl Krieger and Jackson McCullough earned a blue ribbon and Will Purnell earned a red ribbon. The students enrolled in PEGS class were taught by Allison Bennett and Robin Chang. Additionally, a kindergarten classroom earned a blue ribbon for their group project. Students who were part of that class are Camden Albin, Leia Brown, Anita Cabello, Chase Graham, Dominic Harrison, Amias Moser, Irma Rios Pineda, Nayeli Ruiz, Cesiley Sanders, Skylin Sanders, Dash Thornton and Kennady Wagner. These kindergarten students were taught by Nicole Hubbard.

Rose Acres students who earned ribbons at the St. Louis Science Fair include, from left, front row, Tarren Neels, Raelyn Wilson and Nayeli Ruiz and, back row, Jackson McCullough, Liam Wilson, Dominic Harrison and Dash Thornton.


Willow Brook Elementary School

Greater St. Louis Science Fair

Earning honors at the Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair were kindergartner Lindsey Jamieson, who earned a blue ribbon and the MOST 529 Award and first grader Holly Rasmussen who earned a red ribbon. These students’ projects were sponsored by Brandy Fowler.

Willow Brook kindergartner Lindsey Jamieson earned a ribbon at the St. Louis Science Fair.

Community development leader

Social and emotional support specialist Lakeisha Griffin was selected as a University of Missouri Extension Leader honoree for service completed as a community development facilitator.

Willow Brook social and emotional support specialist Lakeisha Griffin was selected as a University of Missouri Extension Leader honoree.


Remington Traditional School

Band honors

Band students who earned an exemplary rating at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival were Hebron Ephrem for alto solo; Gabby Cruz and Juliana Huling for flute solo; Sophia Rassoolkhani for bass clarinet solo; Fiker Zelealem for flute solo; Jaden Zych for percussion solo; Cruz and Rassoolkhani for woodwind duet; and Bami Fekadu, Huling and Parker May for flute trio. The Remington band was directed by Andrew Smith.

Members of Remington's band include, from left, Hebron Ephrem, Bami Fekadu and Juliana Huling.


Holman Middle School

Twirling competition

Eighth grade student Olivia Monroe earned honors for her performances at the Twirling is Fun contest in Cerro Gordo, Illinois. Individually, she placed first for routines in primary basic strut, novice parade strut, primary open solo, novice visitor solo, primary solo and primary basic strut. She was also part of the SugarBabies baton twirling team that earned first place in youth small twirl team and senior show trip as well as second place in junior small halftime twirl team.

Band honors

Students earned a 1 rating for their performance at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. They were Moe Baczynski, Camila Hernandez Marquez and Mason Hunt for alto saxophone; Taitum Edwards for bass clarinet; Peter Burk, Raymoen Goodrich Jr., Sarah Hicks, Maritza Lopez Martinez, Zoe Means, Karina Vazquez Jimenez and Kimberly Vidal Herrarte for clarinet; Zion Fowler, Markus Istephan Center, Zoey Pollard, Ann Russell and Esmeralda Vargas for flute; Joshua Bean, Elijah Green, Blake Meriwether, Eva Pulley and Abigail Silverstein for percussion; Edgar Toledo Avalos for trombone; Samuel Guthrie, Emmanuel Hopgood, Jacob Langston, Brody Lee and Jaylen Sleet for trumpet; and Trenton Morell for tuba. The band was directed by Adam Hall and Steve White.

Holman band students include, from left, frony row Brody Lee, Taitum Edwards, Zion Renee Fowler and Jaylen Sleet; second row, Mason Hunt, Camila Hernandex Marquez and Zoey Pollard; and, back row, Kimberly Vidal Herrarte, Maritza Lopez Martinez and Manny Hopgood. 

Choir honors

At the Solo and Ensemble Festival, three students earned a 1 rating. They were Dylan Blassingame for choir solo, Mikayla Meekie for choir solo and choir duet and Chloé Tate for choir duet. The following students were selected to the 6th Grade Honors Choir: Caroline Dachroeden, Deandre Duncan Jr., Alyssa Mack, Sydeny Martin, Alissia Medina, Whitney Murray, Journey Thomas, Taylor Williams and Marcus Young. Students selected to the 7th/8th Grade Honors Choir were Blassingame, Morgan Booth, Jada Duncan, Riley Dye, Ava Flores, Khalei Jimerson, Meekie, Olivia Monroe, Khadime Seck, Rylie Smith and Tate. The choir also earned a 1 rating at the Large Group and Six Flags Music festivals. They were Blassingame, Booth, Dachroeden, Duncan, Duncan Jr., Dye, Flores, Jimerson, Mack, Martin, Medina, Meekie, Monroe, Murray, Seck, Smith, Tate, Thomas, Williams and Yount. At the Large Group Festival, the following students, in addition to those previously announced, participated in the group that earned a 1 rating: Aryana Firrow, Selena Jackson, Arabella Lammers, Aven McClain, Christian McClain, Leon McFarland and Brianna Todd. The Holman choir was directed by Larry Knobel.

Choir honorees from Holman include, from left, front row, Riley Dye, Leon McFarland, Marcus Young and Selena Jackson and, back row, Mikayla Meekie, Chloé Tate and Brianna Todd.

Orchestra honors

The following students earned a 1 rating at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival: Dylan Blassingame for cello solo; Chelsey Felder and Zayden Patel for violin solo; Drake Kelly for viola solo; Kloie Cossey and Savannah Hernandez for string duet; and McKinsley Baker, Josiane Mbu and Ciara Ratliff for string quartet. In addition, the following students were part of the orchestra that earned a 1 rating at the Large Group Music festival: Addison Blach, Blassingame, Macie Bowersox, Alexis Burroughs, Keegan Clancy, Caleb Correa, Noah Cox, Jimmy Dinh, Gabrielle Dockery, Elijah Durso, Ethan Fajardo, Felder, Kaylee Gooden, Gianna Hamrick, Jaydn Havrick, Isabella Henrixson, Aubrey Holdren, Hannah Hope, Mikayla Johnson, Kelly, Madelyn Kirton, Sophia Lewis, Patel, Alexis Schmid, Naomi Trinh, Ca’Liyah Wallace, Arrianna Watson and Nathaniel Wilfong. The Holman orchestra was directed by Irena Goren-Scheer.

Holman orchestra honorees include, from left, front row, Arrianna Watson and Sophia Lewis; second row, Zayden Patel and Ca'Liyah Wallace; and, back row, Drake Kelly, Keegan Clancy and Chelsey Felder.


Pattonville Heights Middle School

Band honors

Students from the Pattonville Heights band earned a 1 rating for their performances at the Solo and Ensemble Festival. They were: Olivia Hurd, Lakshman Kamalakkannan and Chi’Marreon Walker for alto sax solo; Noah Bass for bass clarinet solo; Graciela Esquivel and Maya Roberts for clarinet solo; Anna Click, Max Donohue, Olivia Engelke, Caleb Harrington, Hailie Jackson, Alexis Leap, Addyson Peterman, Rana Selli and Lauren Wasser for flute solo; Edward Bagsby, Josh Fulks Jr., Dorian Johnson, Magnus Maclin and Haddie Wiggins for mallet solo; Jocelyn Harris for tenor saxophone solo; Thomas Reddy for timpani solo; Omolola Ogunmola for trombone solo; Thomas Gregory for trumpet solo; Brandon Cuellar Guzman and Evan Spell for percussion duet; Hurd and Isabella Sanfillippo for saxophone duet; Thaddeus Bibb, Gabe Mueller and Penelope Vandernoot for percussion trio; and Scarlet Huber, Roberts, Kemorah Robinson and Londyn Watts for clarinet quartet. The Pattonville Heights band was directed by Abigail Hall and Liz Pace.

Choir honors

The following students earned a 1 rating for their vocal solo performance at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival: Kaylee Dyer, Lily Gamino, Sofia Hailstone, Kennedy Lerdahl and Tula Stewart. The Pattonville Heights choir was directed by Kurtis Heinrich.

Members of the Heights choir who earned Solo and Small Ensemble honors include Lily Gamino, left, and Kennedy Lerdahl.

Orchestra honors

Students who earned a 1 rating at the Solo and Ensemble Festival were: Marwa Asadullah, Clare Derhake, Brendon Johnson and Bricyn Love for violin solo and Mila Camenzind, Aria Kuhn, Ayaan Kureshi and Oliver Strauser for string duet. The Pattonville Heights orchestra was directed by Carlye Feeney.

Heights orchestra students include, from left, Brendon Johnson, Aria Kuhn and Bricyn Love.


Pattonville High School

Youth in Action Ambassador Award

Junior Faith Thompson was selected to receive the 2023 Youth in Action Ambassador Award. Youth in Action is a service group of sixth through 12th grade students dedicated to helping the St. Louis community. The executive director of Youth in Action presented this award to Thompson for being a selfless and outstanding member of the organization and completing over 500 hours of community service this school year.

Boys/Girls State

Three students were accepted to attend the American Legion Missouri State program. Accepted to attend the Boys State session were and Nicholas Rice and Aryan Sankpal. Haleigh Rigdon was accepted to attend the Girls State session. During the program, students across the state will gather to develop a knowledge of government at the city, county and state levels and the role and impact of politics; gain an understanding of the privileges and responsibilities as citizens; enhance their leadership skills; and realize their own potential.

Named to Boys State were Nicholas Rice, left, and Aryan Sankpal.

DECA international/state conferences

Kellen Williams placed first in the principles of finance event at the state DECA conference, qualifying him to compete at the DECA international conference. Additional students who competed at the state conference were: Macy Avery in the business finance event; Damon Stinekraus in the business law and ethics decision making event; Chance Langley and Michael McComb in the business plan event; Pamela Mensah in the business services marketing event; Paige Boyce and Antania Pratt in the financial team decision making event; Bailey Shields in the sports and entertainment marketing event; and Tanvir Talukder in the start-up business plan event. The DECA students were sponsored by career instructional specialist Raghib Muhammad.

Participants in the DECA conference include, from left, front row, Antania Pratt and Chance Langley; second row, Tanvir Talukder and sponsor Raghib Muhammad; and, back row, Damon Stinekraus.

Band honors

Two seniors were selected to the All-National Marching and Concert bands for the second consecutive year. They were: Max McFarland and Sydney Suvansri. McFarland was also named the 2023 National Band Student of the Year. Additionally, members of the band performed at the State Music Festival after earning an exemplary rating at the district Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. The students who earned a gold medal at the State Music Festival were: Janani Kamalakkannan and Marques Rutlin for soprano clarinet solo; Jack Caesar for trombone solo; Patrick Ferguson and Peter McCullough for trumpet solo; Ivan Bradley, Madelyn Condado and Marlaina Corson for flute trio; Ferguson, McCullough and McFarland for trumpet trio; and Zoe Click, Joey Stewart and Suvansri for mixed woodwind trio. The students who earned a silver medal at the State Music Festival were: Alyssa Moses for flute solo; Bradley and Suvansri for soprano clarinet solo; Kyle Brenner, Colin Darrah, Floyd Davis III, Andrew Koller, Kyle Manker, Ethan Massey, Sheridan Phillips, Adam Reddy and Isabelle Usry for saxophone trio; and Zaire Bradsher, Jayden Essex and Miles Wick for miscellaneous brass ensemble. Additionally, students in jazz band were selected to receive an Outstanding Musicianship award at the Jazz in the Meadows Jazz Festival. They are: Diego Halbeck for piano; Romero King Jr. for tenor saxophone; and McFarland and Hunter Riley for trumpet. The band was directed by teachers Denny McFarland, Laura Livesay and Anna White.

Members of the band that participated in various competitions include, Jayden Essex, left, and Romero King Jr.

Choir honors

The following students earned an exemplary rating for their vocal performance at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival: Robye Bozeman-Nettles, Savannah Branson, Jon-Michael Brown, Olivia Dalton, Patrick Ferguson, Lucas Gerst, Diego Halbeck, Maggie Haselbauer, Kenedi Jenkins, Jahlil Johnson, Miranda Lopez, Xavion Moore, Omolara Ogunmola, Paul Palermo, Aubrie Pena, Jakayla Townsel and Javan Williams. The choir was directed by teachers Tracy Baker and Melynda Lamb.

Choir students who earned exemplary ratings at the Solo and Small Ensemble Festival include, from left, Robye Bozeman-Nettles, Miranda Lopez and Xavion Moore.

Bowling honors

Students participated in the 2023 Missouri State High School Scratch Bowling Tournament. The team went undefeated in the qualifier tournament and placed third at the state competition. Additionally, two students were also named to all-star teams: Donald Simpkins was named to the boys all-star team and DonMonique Simpkins was named to the girls all-star team and won the U18 Girls Division at the 2023 Pepsi Tournament in April. The Pepsi United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Youth Championships is a nationwide tournament open to all USBC youth members. Additionally, the following students were part of the third-place team: Jacob Baalmann, Charlie Burns, Jaden Jenner, John O’Connell, Peyton Steiner and Nicholas Toler. The bowling team was coached by Darrell Langston and Christine Wheeler.

Members of the bowling team include, from left, front row, DonMonique Simpkins and Christine Wheeler and, back row, Jacob Baalmann, John O'Connell and Donald Simpkins.

Baseball honors

Five baseball players were named academic all-state: Charlie Burns, Kyle Manker, Max McFarland, Jackson Podmore and Tyler Floyd. Players also earned all-conference honors. Students named all-conference first team were: Mason Lee as a pitcher, Keegan Fowler for infield, Dylan Stewart for outfield and Tyler Pinkley as a utility player. Students named all-conference second team were: Burns and Floyd as pitchers and Manker for utility. Podmore was named all-conference honorable mention as a catcher. Students who were named academic all-conference were: Burns, Manker, McFarland and Podmore. Nate Friedrich was selected to receive the all-conference sportsmanship award. The team was coached by Victor Fink with the assistance of Christian Brinser.

Baseball players named all-conference first team include Keegan Fowler, left, and Dylan Stewart.

Golf honors

Lukas Cates was named all-conference first team and Patrick Clifford was named all-conference second team. The team was coached by Scott Hutson with the assistance of David Gross.

Lacrosse honors

Lacrosse players named all-conference first team were Christina Bae and Jessica Bae. Katie Piña was named all-conference second team. Hallie Friedrich was named all-conference honorable mention. The team was coached by Hannah Cooper with the assistance of Sophia Zegar.

Lacrosse player Katie Piña earned all-conference honors.

Soccer honors

Mattie Ohlsen and Allison Schrumpf were named academic all-state. Four students also received all-conference honors. Jordyn Maryas, Ohlsen and Schrumpf were named all-conference first team. Britini Benedict was named all-conference second team and was selected to receive the sportsmanship award. The girls soccer team was coached by Tomi Benney with the assistance of Tom Iffrig.

Tennis honors

Beckett Grabner was named all-conference first team in singles and was selected to receive the all-conference sportsmanship award. Students named all-conference second team were Christopher Braggs in singles and doubles as well as Muhammad Faisal, Grabner and Blake Simpson in doubles. The team was coached by Jeff Grass with the assistance of Shaun Patrick.

Members of the boys tennis team include Muhammad Faisal, left, and Blake Simpson.

Boys track and field honors

Members of the boys track and field team competed at state. Placing sixth at state and second at sectional was the 4x100 meter relay team of runners and alternate Camden Adams, Anthony Clark, Alfred Jenkins, Joseph Seals and Brandon Slaughter. The 4x400 meter relay team of runners and alternate Adams, Jenkins, Slaughter, Ryan Hayes and Donavon Vogler qualified for state and placed third at sectionals. Also qualifying for sectionals was the 4x800 meter relay team of Hayes, Jackson Powell, Luke Stevenson and Vogler. In individual competitions, Stevenson also earned 12th place at state and second place at sections in the 3200 meter race and Slaughter placed first in the 200 meter race at sectionals. The boys track team was coached by Chaun Tate with the assistance of Dominic Licameli, Matt McClellan and William Roach.

Girls track and field honors

Students on the girls track and field team qualified to compete at state and earned individual and team honors. The 4x400 meter relay team of A’Lalji Bradley, Makayla Brown, Camryn Hubbard and Gabrielle Hurd placed third at state. Those students also earned all-conference honors: Bradley placed second in the 200 and 400 meter dashes and was named Conference Athlete of the Year; Hubbard placed fifth in the 800 meter run and was named all-conference first team; and Brown and Hurd were named all-conference second team. Additional students who qualified to compete at the state championship were Kaylee Corona Damian and Rebecca Simpkins. Additionally, Riley Riesen was named all-conference honorable mention. The team was coached by Corey Lewis with the assistance of Margaret Hall and Kayla Smith.

Boys volleyball honors

The following students were named academic all-state: Jon-Michael Brown, Tyler Egbert, Xander Werthmuller and Isaiah White. Players named all-district first team were Kyluan Braselman, Khalil Peterson, Cody Shaw, Werthmller and White. At the conference level, White was named all-conference second team. Players named all-conference honorable mention were Peterson, Shaw and Werthmller. Braselman was also selected to receive the all-conference sportsmanship award. The team is coached by Jenell Franken with the assistance of Allison McNamara.

Volleyball players who earned all-state and all-district honors include Khalil Peterson, left, and Isaiah White.

Water polo honors

Water polo players were named to all-conference teams. Logan Finn was named all-conference second team. Lucy Hartley, Janani Kamalakkannan, Riley Steinbecker and Isabelle Usry were named academic all-conference. The water polo team was coached by Tom Crockett with the assistance of Gabe Faron.

Water polo player Lucy Hartley earned all-conference honors.

Outstanding Cooperating Teacher

Pattonville High School science teacher Vicki Emerson was selected by Lindenwood University to receive the Outstanding Cooperating Teacher Award. This award recognizes a teacher for hosting a student teacher candidate from Lindenwood.

Pattonville High School science teacher Vicki Emerson received Lindenwood University's Outstanding Cooperating Teacher Award.



Transportation competition

Three Pattonville transportation staff members placed third at the Missouri Association for Pupil Transportation Regional Safety Competition. They were Jim Dickerson, Regina Dunmire and Greg Zemblidge, who also placed first in the individual conventional buses division.