Notes from the Sept. 8 board meeting

Read about actions taken at the Sept. 8 school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.


Board Actions

The board of education on Sept. 8:

  • Heard an update from the policy review committee;
  • Heard an update on virtual learning in the district;
  • Approved paying $1,108,111.32 for regular bills;
  • Approved paying $363,855.15 for purchases made on Pattonville’s purchasing cards, which earned the district a rebate of 1% (or $3,638.55);
  • Declared a list of items as surplus to be sold at the district’s website;
  • Accepted a sales contract for land the district owns at 2367 and 2375 Prouhet Ave. in St. Louis County for $33,500 and authorized the chief financial officer to sign all documents and close the sale on the district's behalf;
  • Approved a resolution reversing the operating levy voluntary rollbacks to meet operating revenue and tax levy goals established by voters with the passage of Proposition P in 2013; under state law, the district must pass a motion each even-numbered year with the word "resolution" in it to reset the tax rate to what it was approved to be under Proposition P; the board can then reset the voluntary rollback as promised to taxpayers; there is no negative impact to Pattonville taxpayers for next year's rates;
  • Approved contract adjustments for bond issue projects for $54,961;
  • Lodged for action revisions to policies BBB (School Board Elections), BBBB (School Board Ballot Issues), BBE (School Board Vacancies), BHA (Board Member Orientation, Training and Development), IKF (Graduation Requirements) and JCB (Transfers Within the District); a vote is expected at the Oct. 13 board meeting;
  • Approved paying $2,129.50 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan and Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Readopted a resolution declaring the month of October 2020 as Disability History and Awareness Month in the Pattonville School District; and
  • Approved, as lodged for action on Aug. 11, the revisions to policy BBFA (Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure).

New Hires

  • Edward Finnegan, paraprofessional, Parkwood
  • Sarah Huck, parent educator, Early Childhood Center
  • Kristin Riggs, elementary teacher, Willow Brook
  • Sharon Silverstein, paraprofessional, Parkwood
  • Antoinette Ulses, English teacher, high school
  • Jane Ung, paraprofessional, Bridgeway


  • Kristine McGhee, physical education teacher, Willow Brook, effective June 2 after serving Pattonville for 23 years
  • Robin Smythers, bus driver, transportation, effective Aug. 4 after serving Pattonville for 5 years