Message from Board President Dr. Brian Gray

Dear Pattonville families and staff,

Last week, our superintendent, Dr. Tim Pecoraro, announced he would retire at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. We know this is an important life decision and appreciate Dr. Pecoraro for providing the board of education with time to plan for the future. As always, he has the best interests of our students, families, staff and school community in mind, and we appreciate the 21 years of caring and dedication he has given to ensuring Pattonville and its students succeed.

The board of education has developed a process for selecting a successor. After discussing whether to conduct a nationwide search, the board concluded that Pattonville would be better served by developing a succession plan based on internal talent. Pattonville is an extraordinary school district doing national-level work. We have exceptional internal talent leading those efforts and strongly believe the right successor comes from within the district.

As such, the board will do an internal posting for a new superintendent later today. The board anticipates completing the process no later than Nov. 19, 2021. The board of education has the authority to simply appoint a successor, but in the interest of transparency, we believe the application and interview process is important to selecting the next superintendent.

The entire board of education recognizes the importance of this decision. We have been fortunate to have decades of strong, stable leadership guiding our schools and ensuring Pattonville remains a high performing district. This will not change. The board will seek a leader who shares our commitment to providing an outstanding education that prepares every student for a future full of success. 



Dr. Brian Gray


Pattonville Board of Education